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Hats off to all of you at The Women’s Resource Centre. Keep doing what you are doing. Bermuda needs you.


The Legal Clinic that I attended was excellent. I was able to have all of my questions answered, which I would not have had that chance if I had to


Even those of us who appear to be successful have life challenges. Thank you all for coming to my rescue and giving me the strength to take my life back.


This session is relevant to the workplace environment and should be presented to every organization in the country. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace workshop


I now feel more encouraged to review the Human Rights Act, and understand the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace and how to respond and educate my co-workers. The


What I appreciate best about this training session was that we were able to communicate about our feelings and concerns. Reinventing Yourself workshop


Many years ago, I remember going to the Woman’s Resource Center when my marriage was falling apart and I had many questions having been new to the island at the