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The Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) was founded in 1987 as the Rape Crisis Centre, a crisis intervention service for survivors of sexual assault.  Through its 20 plus year history, the WRC has evolved greatly in its mandate and services to meet the increasing community need to protect and assist women who are victims of sexual assault and provide support for other issues that women may be trying to resolve. WRC has taken a proactive approach by designing programs and activities that promote the empowerment of women.

In 1992, the organization officially changed its name to the Women’s Resource Centre.  During that same year, the WRC expanded to offer a counseling programme to victims of sexual assault, a 24-hour crisis hotline, and a community education programme.

In 1994, the Court Advocacy Programme was established to provide protection through the courts to victims of domestic violence.

In 1998, the Family Reunification Programme was established to provide assistance to parents of children in foster care.  This programme has since been replaced with parenting programmes and individual counseling.

In 2012, WRC handed over its domestic violence support to the Centre Against Abuse (CAA).

In April 2015, after careful consideration of the community needs and the Centre’s evolving goals, the Sexual Assault Hotline and Response Service was also transferred to the CAA.

Looking ahead…

WRC has recognized the changing needs of our community and our organization.  Through its growing network of public and third-sector partners, WRC will expand its impact in the community by integrating the landscape of organizations and resources that address women’s needs in addition to its traditional services.

WRC will continue its proactive approach by designing programs and activities to promote the empowerment of women.