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We connect women’s service organizations to identify areas of common ground and shared vision, and to encourage peer support and collaboration.

The Women’s Resource Centre advocates for the personal empowerment and economic self-sufficiency of women through a range of programmes and services offered under the following 3 pillars of community support:

  • Education, Training & Awareness: The Women’s Resource Centre is often the first place a woman contacts for information. We help women traverse the often confusing network of social support Resources available on island.
  • Counseling and Support Services: We provide direct counseling support services to individuals to help them successfully navigate life’s challenges, achieve their goals and realize their full potential. We offer Group counseling (including Life After Incarceration and Support for LGBTQ women). Support includes Counseling with translation to Spanish and Portuguese. We recently secured insurance reimbursement for counseling services. The WRC provides facilitates Warning Letters for non-intimate partner relationships.
  • Advocacy: We will provide panel discussions and awareness events, that promote gender equality by advocating and lobbying for social change that eradicates inequalities pertaining to women. WRC advocates for policies that:
    – Eradicate any injustices against women
    – Support the advancement of women in the workplace and broader community
    – Ensure that women are healthy and free from inequality